Join the Collective by Donating

At Limited Collective we are all about taking waste and turning it into something new and exciting. Our fabric and garment donation program allows you, the customer, to get directly involved in reducing waste. In Australia, only 15% of clothing waste is recycled because of a lack of transport and time. However, our donation scheme seeks to change that by making it as easy as possible for you to recycle clothing!

The millennial mentality of discarding unwanted clothing is stimulated by the ease and availability of cheap, fast fashion. At Limited Collective, we want to reduce this. We want our customers to adopt a healthier attitude of repairing and fixing their old garments.

We repurpose your donations to make our classic blouson jacket and tote bags. Donations can also be used to make a truly unique customised piece for you.

Our donation scheme allows those sentimental pieces which hold fond memories of your 21st birthday, or the shirt you wore when you got engaged, to have a new lease of life. We all have those pieces that we simply can’t get rid of because of their sentimental value, but that we no longer wear. Therefore, the donation of these items allows them to be repurposed and stay with you for life. This is part of our effort to make sustainability a mindset that is individual to each of us. We want sustainable fashion to be a free expression, without the confines of trends and fitting in.

The steps to donate your old clothing and fabrics to Limited Collective are simple and straightforward. Simply email [email protected] with the following details:

  • The size of your donation for local and national shipping; a satchel, shoe-box, briefcase, carry-on, or check-in bag.
  • For international donations, we currently accept up to 20 kgs of fabric.
  • A photo of the donation pile
  • Your suburb for pick-up to be arranged

Also, remember that if you have ordered something from us before, you can simply re-use the packaging your order came in for your garment donations!

Here is a list of items that we accept:

  • Denim
  • Pants- any material
  • Jackets- any material
  • Business work-shirts
  • Leather
  • PVC/Plastic
  • Fuzzy/ fun materials
  • Tracksuits
  • Hoodies
  • We accept any damaged or stained clothing- so it doesn’t matter whether it has a rip, tear or hole, because we’ll take it!

We request that all garments be washed before donating. Unfortunately, we will not accept shoe or underwear donations.

It’s as simple as that- get donating!