You helped create Limited Collective

by Erin Forwood


This is an introduction to Limited Collective, a sustainable streetwear label founded by Erin Forwood who would like to thank you for being part of her journey so far.

The fashion industry is one of the largest producers of waste, which Limited Collective aims to reduce through the reuse of materials, vintage fabrics and dead-stock textiles. We want to give old garments and fabrics another life by using them to create a timeless jacket that can be worn for a lifetime. These quality jackets are also unisex, allowing for greater versatility and longevity in the wardrobe. So, rather than being a trend-led piece which ends up in landfill, Limited Collective jacket will stay with you forever.

The first collection was recently launched upon Erin’s attendance at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, which is now available to view online. So far, it has saved 2,700 kilograms of textiles from going to landfill through the donation and upcycle program.


To introduce the brand, we felt that it was important to raise awareness of how much fast-fashion impacts our planet and can cause damage to our environment. With the average person buying 27 kilograms of clothing per year, 23 kilograms are thrown away. In 2016, it was found that 500,000 tons of textile ended up in Australia’s landfill when in fact, 95% of this clothing could have been reused or recycled. Even the clothing donated to charities such as the Australian Red Cross, it is costing them up to $36 billion every year to discard of all the unwanted clothing. And whilst it may not seem like a big deal to buy a cheap T-shirt once in a while, it actually requires three years worth of an individual’s drinking water to produce a single t-shirt.

Therefore, Limited Collective aims to continue to reuse fabric and reduce waste through the launch of its second collection dropping in March 2019. The team in Sydney are working on opening up a Pop-store to allow you all to view the new collection and experience the brand. Until then, stay up to date with the brand by following us on Instagram and Facebook.


Erin and the Limited Collective Team