Our values

by Erin Forwood


There are many ways we source our materials that make them sustainable;

  • Sustainably produced fabrics
  • Organic fibres
  • Natural fibres 
  • ‘End of roll’ materials 
  • Upcycling 



Limited Collective is for the collective culture. We are constantly collaborating with emerging artists to bring their creations to you. 

Each fabric has a charity attached to is that 10% of the profits are donated to.



 Every body is the perfect body and no one is really a conventional size, so if you want the perfect fit, our tailors will make it for you! $25 will cover an hour of their time to adjust our signature patterns to the measurements your provide us.



We have made a commitment to not add to global pollution;

  • Made to order production 
  • Carbon offsets
  • Pattern making techniques 
  • Producing locally in Australia 
  • Low pollution transportation/ shipping 
  • Biodegradable packaging