Limited Collective

Limited is a boutique fashion social enterprise. We are here to make you feel fucking great. We're here to give you a way to express your emotions, your joys and frustrations. To express yourgender and your understanding of self. To vocalise your civil disobedience and your passion for a better world. To show the world that you stand for something true. 




Erin Kadwood (formerly Forwood) - Maker and creator of joyful things.

I learnt to sew my grandmother’s kitchen table. I remember it was a warm afternoon in her very cold kitchen and I was probably only 11 years old. Nanny Joe had my Macula-Degeneration, which made at the time she only had her peripheral vision. But through a refined sense of touch and years of sewing knowledge in her hands we made a T-shirt together. A white with black polkadot crop batwing T-shirt. Its on of the only things I have left of her now. That and her tape measure and a jar of mints that I keep in front of the black-and-white photo of her next to my sewing table. When she passed I wore black for a year straight, I heard it on the Jay Z song and it was the only thing that resonated with me. To move clothing is extremely important. That’s how you want to present the world and how you want the world interpreted for that day. 
i’m now living out my dream of being a fashion designer and enjoying wearing a lot of colours. I enjoy playing with different tones of the same colour.

Why sustainable? - I’m from the generation where we were taught about sustainability from a very young age, and to be honest I really don’t know any other way. Sustainability and ethical practices of the through line of everything I do in my business. I do try to constantly explore and evolve the different ways which I use sustainable practices, because there really is no one way to be sustainable. The argument really is if I was going to be truly sustainable I would not make anything at all but I think that fulfilling a purpose in life can be done in a conscious way. 

Made locally - The first time I came to Surry Hills, Felt like exactly where I had to be, where I was meant to be. I knew this is where I wanted to have my studio where I wanted to make art. and then I come to find out that five out of the seven generations of women, since coming to Australia, have lived within 5 km of where I live and work today. 
Surry hills is a really beautiful place and it’s mentality.  It’s a incredibly diverse community sitting within the most multicultural country in the world. It makes me proud to see different types of people and one community together. It makes me feel safe to have a vibrant queer community. So many colours are represented here.