There are many ways we source our materials that make them sustainable;

  • Sustainably produced fabrics
  • Organic fibres
  • Natural fibres 
  • ‘End of roll’ materials 
  • Upcycling 

Size YOU 

Every body is the perfect body and no one is the standardised size, so if you want the perfect fit, our tailors will make it for you! Just send your measurements to up. 


We have made a commitment to not add to global pollution;

  • Made to order production 
  • Carbon offsets
  • Pattern making techniques 
  • Producing locally in Australia 
  • Low pollution transportation/ shipping 
  • Biodegradable packaging



Erin Kadwood - Creative Director

Limited studio based in Surry hills, Sydney Australia.


  • Designs
  • sources fabrics
  • pattern makes
  • cuts fabric
  • sews samples
  • sews bespoke jackets
  • fittings
  • photography
  • Strategy
  • Training and mentoring
  • Not taking salary until profitable


Jins Kadwood - Operations and Partnerships



  • Sources Fabrics
  • Sources packaging
  • Partnership deals
  • Payroll
  • Not taking salary until profitable

Molly Blaesild - Social Media

*WFH Lisbon


  • Strategy
  • Social media scheduling
  • Content creation
  • Paid $25/hr with the ability to choose hours and tasks.


Kim - Machinist



  • Garment construction
  • Paid $20/h
  • Invoices paid after ever item is completed before pick up

 Erin picks up all garments from Kim by riding her bicycle 10 minutes to and from Each other’s houses.

Peter- production assistant intern
* Peter has an interest in up-cycling, design and fashion construction. Their goal for this internship is to learn how to cut and sew garments.

  • Assisting with Cutting garments
  • Practising sewing and construction
  • Designing ReWorked collective
  • Value exchange- Unpaid internship to gain skills with the potential of paid position

Contact us on Instagram if there are any questions you have. Sustainability should be an ongoing conversation.