Abundance Dress

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Billowing in a light breeze on a spring day. The gathers create a style that fits the name, The Abundance Dress. 
This dress is made from a gorgeous Korean gingham that I bought from a one off fabric sale in Surry Hills that I walked to from my studio. It is a polyester which I don’t like normally use but the woven colours and the structure of the material was so beautiful to create this light billowy affect. 
I cut this fabric freehand, without a traditional pattern but by using images of Japanese technical drawings. 

“ Personally I like to wear this style out to the park when I’m walking the dogs or hang out with friends. They pretty much always pair it with a pair of bike shorts underneath so I can feel comfortable sitting down. For me this is the perfect outfit to wear when I am riding my bike because it covers everything to still feel modest, it’s super comfortable and really cute.” Erin Kadwood - maker and wearer of this dress